2008 Toyota Highlander

When it’s time for a new(er) car, sometimes the most cost-effective way to get rid of your old car is to sell it yourself.  But that can be an awful experience these days, according to the horror stories I’ve heard.

In the not-too-distant past, you would advertise the details of your car, potential buyers would call and make appointments to kick the tires, then make a deal, trade cash for title, and you’re done.  No big deal.

But it’s a little trickier now.  You need to advertise on car sales websites (and include photos, nothing sells without photos), field calls from folks with questions who obviously didn’t read your eloquently written prose, then wait around to show the car to strangers that may, or may not (probably won’t) show up for their appointment. Not to mention the Craigslist-type issues, carjackers, bad checks, etc. You watch the news?

My Personal Experience

But there is an easier way. We recently decided it was time to sell our 10-year old SUV.  Low-ish miles, and other than some hail damage, in pretty good shape. But after hearing the horror stories of what a PITA it is to sell a car privately these days, I wondered if there was a better way.  So I called our friends at AutoTrek and asked it they sold cars on consignment.  BINGO!

For a small fee, they would handle it all — detailing, mechanical inspection, photos, advertising, test drives, negotiations, handling the funds, etc. No hanging around the house all weekend waiting for creepers to come to the house, or not show up as expected, and no uncomfortable test drives, no wads of cash or sketchy checks to deal with.

The (other) best part: It sold in less than a week. I’ll never go back to doing it myself.

Of course, some folks are more hands-on with this kind of thing, and there are some advantages to trading-in at the dealer, like the tax savings, and the ease of it.

Not a promotion.

I know this sounds like some kind of promotional piece, but I can’t help it.  I’m excited with how smoothly the process went so I had to share my experience so that someday, maybe you’ll avoid the nightmare too.

So now you know: AutoTrek is not just a great resource for finding you a new or used car, they’re also THE best way to get rid of your old car.

If you do choose to sell it yourself, the credit union can help with full NADA values (not the limited consumer version), and we can guide you through the paperwork, no charge.  We can even finance the buyer, and you can close the deal at our office.  If you’d like our help, call our Lending Line at (303) 389-6440, or wash your hands of the hassle and call AutoTrek at (303) 934-5600.


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