How to Avoid the 6 Common Senior Scams

Imagine going to the grocery store and having your card declined. You call the bank only to find out that there have been thousands of dollars in transactions made to your account and now you have no money. Now imagine this has happened to your parent or grandparent. Financial scams are crimes that often go unreported because they can be… Read more »

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Stinky Auto Air Conditioning System? Here’s How You Fix It

Does your car smell like a dirty old sock when you turn on the air conditioner? Or maybe a musty, moldy old attic? If so, you’ve probably got some mold growing in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Here’s how you fix the smell, and how you can keep it from coming back. First, Where Does This Smell Come From? When… Read more »

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Electric Vehicles: Where Are They Now, and Where Are They Going?

Electric Vehicles: Where Are They Now, and Where Are They Going? One of the hottest topics in technology these days is the electric vehicle. It seems like everyone either thinks the industry is on the verge of a worldwide disruption, or that all the buzz has no substance. If you’re not sure what to think, here’s a primer so you… Read more »

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Data Breach: Things you can do.

This post includes a collection of articles regarding the Equifax breach. How to Protect Yourself from the Massive Equifax Hack The bad news is that there’s a good chance your personal information was stolen during the massive data hack of Equifax, one of America’s three largest credit reporting agency. The thieves stole the social security numbers, dates of birth, names… Read more »

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Need to sell your “old” car?

When it’s time for a new(er) car, sometimes the most cost-effective way to get rid of your old car is to sell it yourself.  But that can be an awful experience these days, according to the horror stories I’ve heard. In the not-too-distant past, you would advertise the details of your car, potential buyers would call and make appointments to kick the tires,… Read more »

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New app with mobile deposit feature now available.

With our new app, BCSCU Mobile Branch, credit union members now have the ability to make check deposits from Android or iOS (Apple) devices, including compatible smartphones and tablets. Once you download and install the app on your device (search for BCSCU in the app store), login to your BCS Community account using your It’s Me 24/7 online banking security credentials…. Read more »

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Buying Your New Car

car covered by a large tarp that says new car

You’ve decided that you can afford a new car. Now what? Follow these tips for smart auto buying and financing:  Do your homework.  Decide which makes and models fit your needs, including size,  fuel economy, etc. Once you narrow  your options, learn which models are the most reliable (Consumer Reports) and the safest (IIHS). While your at it, find out what your trade-in is worth, and… Read more »

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Do this to your deck this summer

Beautiful wooden deck with a patio set

Who doesn’t love walking out onto a backyard deck to bask in the summer weather? You can decorate it with plants, host a barbecue or just sit and enjoy the breeze. Unfortunately, keeping a deck in beautiful shape is an expensive proposition. However, there are some things you can do to maximize its longevity and minimize strain on your budget…. Read more »

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Here’s what you should know about motor oil…

Shiny new red car

… Even if Someone Else Changes It For You Even if you’re good about getting your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (or every 10,000 miles for newer cars using synthetic), you should still be checking it regularly. You never know when a seal or gasket is going to wear out, you could end up leaking a significant amount of… Read more »

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Common retirement savings mistakes

lady with coffee image

Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Retirement Savings   Make one or two mistakes in handling your retirement money and you could be paying a stiff penalty later in your life. With the stock market on such unsteady legs, it pays to stay clear of these common mistakes: You pay attention to the market losses instead of your long-term needs…. Read more »

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