VISA Debit Card

Your BCS Community Visa Debit Card makes it easy to access your checking account practically everywhere. No check writing means no need to carry a bulky checkbook. No need to show multiple forms of identification, and all the transaction details will be listed on your monthly statement and in It’sMe247 Online Banking.

The VISA symbol means you get the convenience of a credit card: Convenience, speed, and acceptance at millions of merchants worldwide, cash back at the point of sale, ATM access and a detailed monthly statement. But with your BCS Community Debit card, there’s no debt build up or interest charges, and no annual fee.

With Debit Card Round Up, save your change, every time you use your debit card

With the debit card round up feature, you can add to your savings account with every transaction.

How Round Up works: After the transaction is posted to your checking account, the round-up amount is transferred to a savings account of your choice, such as Regular Savings or Christmas Club. To set up Debit Card Round Up, just call or stop, and choose which savings account to grow.

If you are already a member and have a checking account, just call us to get your BCS Community VISA Debit Card, (303)425-6627.

VISA Credit Card

BCS Community Credit Union offers an outstanding Visa Card bargain to qualified members. with rates as low as 9.90% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).*

Apply for a BCS Community Credit Union Visa Credit Card.

Uniquely Personalized for BCSCU Members

Our Visa Card is welcome around the world as a source of instant credit and financial clout… and your BCSCCU Visa Card is also personalized… with special, credit union advantages that help members make the most of this important financial tool.

ENJOY! The BCSCU Visa Card Features these great values…

  • Low APR, on approved credit
  • 25-day Interest-free Grace Period for Purchases
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Credit Limits up to $20,000

Pay off Higher-Cost Cards

Save Money with BCS Community CU’s Visa Card.
If you have a department store or bank credit cards you’re probably paying finance rates as high as 24% APR, the high interest costs can add up quickly. Or, pay them off your high-interest cards with a cash advance on your BCSCU Visa Credit Card and you’ll repay at our LOWER rate for substantial interest savings.

Control your Finances
25-day Grace Period, Low Minimum Payment Amount Offer More Savings.
If you choose to repay the full amount of your Visa Card by the due date, you’ll benefit from no interest charges.** Or, if you want the flexibility of a lower payment from time to time, take advantage of your Visa Card’s low minimum payment amount.

**25-day grace period applies to purchases only, not to cash advances.

Share Secured VISA
Members who are too young to establish credit….or are rebuilding credit… will love our share secured Visa Credit Card. It helps any member who makes timely payments establish a good credit record. The program features:

  • Low APR
  • Up to $5,000 credit limit*
  • No annual fee
  • 25-day Grace Period for Purchases
  • Low minimum payment
  • Share deposits are held for 100% of the credit line granted

Apply for your BCS Community Credit Union Share Secured Visa Card, today!

  • On approved credit, based on ability to repay. Share-secured Visa is issued subject to approval.

If you have questions or would like service assistance, stop by or call us at (303) 425-6627.

Online Credit Card Access

To check your Visa Credit Card balance and payment due, or make a transfer payment from your BCSCU savings or checking account, log in to It’s Me 247 Online Banking. You can also access your credit card information, history and make payments online by registering at on the eZCard website.

Access your credit card information using eZCard

Monitor your card activity with free Visa Purchase Alerts

Keep your account secure and get alerts for transactions in real time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.

Take an active role and track spending and stay on top of account balances.

Choose your alerts by adjusting what make sense for you and receive them via SMS text or email.

Visit VISA’s website to setup or maintain your cards

Please note: Once set, VISA Purchase Alerts are active for VISA Network transactions only.  To get alerts for all transactions, install the BCS Mobile Branch app for iOS and Android smartphones. 

BCS Community Credit Union is part of the CO-OP  Network and STAR Surcharge-free ATM Networks.

As part of the CO-OP ATM Surcharge Free Network and STAR Surcharge Free ATM Network, BCS Community Credit Union members enjoy surcharge-free access to thousands of ATMs nationwide.  The STAR Network also provides access to millions of PIN point-of-sale locations, enabling members to get cash and make purchases across the country.

CO-OP ATM Network logo

CO-OP Network Surcharge-Free ATMs Now Available!


BCS Community Credit Union is part of the CO-OP® Network for surcharge free and deposit ATM access, which provides members access to over 30,000 additional surcharge-free ATMs, with some locations accepting deposits. Find the CO-OP Network ATM near you.

Fraud Prevention

BCS Community Credit Union is serious about fraud prevention.  The credit union and it’s partners use technology and other methods to help reduce credit- and debit-card fraud.  If our systems suspect fraudulent transaction, you may receive a call from the credit union or our card processors. It is important that you answer these calls to determine if certain transactions legitimate. Without verification from you, your card may be de-activated.  Important: We will never ask your for your complete card number, never give your card information to unverified callers.

In addition, certain types of transactions, such as non-U.S. merchants, will not approve unless you have asked the credit union to temporarily allow such transactions.  Contact the credit union prior to your trip if your plan to use your BCS Community credit- or debit card outside the U.S.

Here are step you can take to help avoid card fraud:

  1. Keep your cards safe.
  2. Shred anything with your card number on it.
  3. Don’t sign blank card receipts.
  4. Avoid giving out your card information.
  5. Be cautious with your card online.
  6. Report or of stolen cards immediately. (See contact above for 24-hour phone numbers.)
  7. Review your statements each month.
  8. Make strong passwords and keep them safe.
  9. Check gas stations and ATMs for card skimmers.
  10. Setup transaction alerts with the BCSCU Mobile Branch app (debit cards only) or with the VISA purchase alert service.