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Looking to refinance car loan in Wheat Ridge? You could save more with us!

Refinance your auto loan with us and save 1% or more off your previous rate, with no payments for 90 days.

Serving the Arvada, Edgewater, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, and Denver communities.
Refinance Car Loan | Refinance Auto Loan - Wheat Ridge, CO

Do you have an auto loan with another lender? Refinance your car loan with BCS Community Credit Union in Wheat Ridge and we’ll reduce your rate by 1% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) or more. Plus we’ll give you a payment vacation for up to 90 days.

We work customers every day that find themselves with a high-interest rate car loan that they can’t afford, is draining resources, or just does not meet their needs. Refinancing your auto loan with BCS Community Credit Union allows you to secure a lower rate and often much better terms! We can often help customers save hundreds, sometimes thousands, over the life of their car loan!

When you refinance a car loan, you get lower rates that will save you money on interest, plus you get reduced monthly payments. With local Wheat Ridge credit union service, you can also enjoy no payments for 90 days and use the savings for other things, like a vacation or a new flat-screen TV.

If you feel you’re ready for a new auto loan or would like to explore options to see if you can save money, contact us! We can help evaluate your current loan and available budget to often come up with a better program that will free up cash. We are here to help!

Apply online, in-person, or call our loan application hotline at (303) 389-6440, to get started. We make refinancing an auto loan quick and easy with online applications and electronic signatures. You can apply for a refinance car loan from practically anywhere – even the comfort of your home.

Refinance Car Loan Today!

With approved credit, restrictions apply. New-money auto loans only (cars and light trucks). Must provide copy of original contract, and at least one payment must have been made. BCSCU rate floor of 2.25% APR applies, limited time only. Subsidized rates, existing BCS Community Credit Union loans not eligible.