Share Draft Accounts

Effective Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Account Research Fee$20.00/hr
ATM Transaction Fee (after 10 free monthly)$1.00
Courtesy Pay (Overdrawn Account)$29.00
Deposited Item Returned Fee$15.00
Duplicate Statement mail/fax per page$1.00
eChecking Monthly Fee$10.00
Paper Statement Fee (monthly, free for 65+, minors)3.00
Plastic Card Replacement Fee$8.00
Returned Item Fee (ACH/Share Draft)$29.00
Temp Checks (per page of 4 checks)4.00
Stop Payment Fee$29.00

All Accounts

Effective Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Account Closure Fee (within 90 days of open)$25.00
Account Research Fee (per hour)$50.00
Check Cashing Fee (per $100)$3.00
Check Cashing Fee (non-member, on-us)$7.00
Cleared Check Copy (free in online banking)$5.00
Consumers United Membership$5.00
Garnishment Processing Fee$50.00
Inactivity Account Fee$25.00/year
Large cash withdrawal (advance order req'd)$20.00-40.00
Large Commercial Cash Deposit fee$30.00 per 500 notes
Membership Fee (one time)$5.00
Minimum Balance Violation (Share min. $5.00)$10.00/monthly
Non-member On-Us Check Cashing (up to $1500)$7.00
Official Check Fee: Member$2.00
Official Check Fee: Non-Member$7.00
Official Check Image$2.00
Stop Payment Official Check (exceptions apply)$35.00
Overnight Mail Fee (est)$39.00
Returned Mail Fee$8.00
Shared Branching Fee (after 3 free transactions)$3.50/trans.
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming)$5.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing)$20.00
*Only for Share balance less than $100 and no active share draft, certificates, or loan accounts.

Loan Accounts

Effective Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Duplicate Document Fee (per page) $1.00
Title Filing Fee (Vehicle Loans)$20.00
HELOC/LOC Annual Fee$15.00
Late Payment Fee (after 15-day grace period)15.00
Loan Document Fee$50.00
Online Payment Center Fee (eCheck or Card)$5.00
Payment by Phone Fee$10.00
Real Estate Payoff Schedule$25.00
Returned (NSF) Loan Payment -
Check or ACH