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Deposit Services

At BCS Community Credit Union, we are continually striving to make access to your accounts easier than ever.

The following services are available to all members free of charge:

Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit you can have your payroll, retirement, Social Security or other recurring checks electronically deposited into your BCS Community Credit Union accounts at no cost to you! No need to worry about waiting in line on your lunch hour or unnecessary trips to the Post Office for stamps. Convenient, Safe and Simple.


  • IT'S FAST: Your money will be credited to your Credit Union account the day the funds are electronically wired, whether you are sick, on vacation or just too busy.
  • IT'S SAFE: Your check can't be lost or stolen.
  • IT'S RELIABLE: You'll still receive a pay stub indicating the amount that has been credited to your Credit Union account.
  • IT'S FEDERALLY INSURED to at least $250,000 by NCUA, a U.S. government agency.

Tax Refund Services
Just fill out the information on your income tax forms and your refund will be automatically credited to your Regular Share (Savings) or Checking (Share Draft) Account - usually earlier than the traditional method of refund through the mail.

How Do You Apply for Direct Deposit?

Ask your company's Human Resources, Payroll Department or payment provide if they offer this service. If so, complete their Direct Deposit Authorization form. You will need to specify:

  • BCS Community Credit Union's Routing Number 302075115
  • Your account number
  • Indicate where you want the deposited funds to go - either to Regular Shares (Savings) or Share Draft (Checking).

The Direct Deposit Authorization form must be completed, signed and dated and returned to your employer or payment provider.

Additional Service
If you would like your deposited funds disbursed further into other sub-accounts (i.e. Savings, Loans, Christmas Savings, etc.) at BCS Community Credit Union, you must complete a Direct Deposit disbursement form.

The BCS Community Credit Union must be signed and returned to the credit union before the disbursements take effect.

Payroll Deduction

This service allows the Member to deposit part of their payroll into one or more of their Credit Union accounts. Funds can be distributed to different suffixes and to different accounts. You need to contact the Credit Union directly or your Employer to activate this service.

If you need assistance completing this form or have further questions regarding this service, please stop by our office or call a Member Services Representative at (303) 425-6627.

Railroad Retirement

The Railroad Retirement Act is a Federal law that provides retirement and disability annuities for qualified railroad employees, spouse annuities for their wives or husbands, and survivor benefits for the families of deceased employees who were insured under the Act. These benefit programs are administered by the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board. It also administers the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, and has administrative responsibilities under the Social Security Act for certain benefit payments and railroad workers' Medicare coverage.

You can obtain detailed benefit information, form, and contact numbers by accessing the Railroad Retirement Board Website.

If you need assistance having your Railroad Retirement Benefits deposited to your BCS Community Credit Union checking or savings account, please contact a Member Services Representative at (303)425-6627.

Automatic Transfer

Announcing......... "Automatic Recurring Transfers"

Tired of "manually" moving funds between your accounts? As of July 1, 2005 you will be able to schedule automatic transfers between your accounts (or even individuals) right online! As an active user of E-Teller, you will have access to this feature at no additional charge!

The Recurring Transfers feature will allow you to set up several entries to "automatically" transfer funds between your accounts. For example, you could use this feature to automatically transfer money from/to a Share account, Checking account, Flex child care account, IRA account, or to a loan. This also works well for "cross-accounts" (i.e.: monthly transfers from one member’s account to another member’s account).

Most importantly, it is very easy to setup and maintain. You will be able to setup transfers with different frequencies. Also, you can retrieve detailed information as to when the transfer was setup, how often it occurs, the last time it transferred, when it will transfer next and how many total times it will occur. You can also retrieve detailed information that shows the results of the last transfer along with a confirmation number and you can also put an entry "on-hold" temporarily for any reason.

To access “Automatic Recurring Transfers”, please logon to E-Teller and select the “Transfers” tab. From there, click on the Recurring Transfers Button and follow the instructions on the screen to manage or setup recurring transfers.

As always, please contact our office at 303-425-6627 should you have any questions. You can also send us an e-mail to memberservices@bcscu.com

Stop writing that monthly check!

You can now make regular transfers to your BCS Community Credit Union checking, savings, or loan account from any checking or savings account - even if the account is at another financial institution!

This may be the easiest way yet to save or pay-off your loan. Once you make the arrangements for the regular transfer - day of the month, amount, and accounts involved - the funds are moved automatically, every time.

There is no cost to you and it is very easy to set-up! If you have additional questions or would like to start your transfers right away, give us a call at (303) 425-6627.


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